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Effete Snobs Revisited

By Mark Mangie

Freedom is precious.

It must be guarded. It must be protected. It must be nurtured. The audacity of the United States is the redefinition of the relationship between government and the governed. No longer burdened by the rights of kings, Americans stood up and shouted to the world we are free.  We will not be oppressed by those who govern us. By claiming control over our lives, we built a country stronger, better, and offering more opportunity than the world had ever previously seen. All men are created equal. We, as individuals, are responsible for our lives in a country that strives to offer equal opportunity through laws justly and equally administered. Government is our tool, not our king.  Government is our servant, not our oppressor.  


Has America perfectly succeeded in achieving those ideals? No more than the imperfection found in all humans. Our government reflects us. But we continually strive to reach the ideal that is ingrained in us as Americans. We have suffered our wrongs. But our greatness and achievements far outweigh our flaws. We are, notwithstanding cliché, the beacon of the world showing the way to human dignity and freedom. It is in us, as individuals, to reach for greatness or go down trying.


Over the past several years under Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, America has lost her way. Poverty and food stamps are at an all time high. Labor participation rate is at an all time low. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. Our schools are failing as our families are failing. Drug use is up. Children in households without fathers are up. Food pantry usage is at an all time high. Our national debt is at an all time high and constantly growing. Government is spying on all of its citizens. Cell phones are being tracked. The Internal Revenue Service has turned into a political arm of the government. Our military is being dismantled. And our foreign policy is in shambles as Russia and radical Islam run rampant over the once proud Pax Americana.


All of this happened under the guise of sending those who wanted to make things fair to Washington. That is the new buzz word for socialism. Things have to be "fair." Are things fair? Is your life better today than it was? If you are with the drugs, sex, and rock ‘n roll crowd, your answer might be yes. If you are trying to make a living and take care of your family or pay off your student loan or move out of your parents’ basement, that is probably another story.


This is not your father’s Democratic Party. It has been hijacked by a bunch of progressive socialists who don’t like the United States very much. These folks believe in social experimentation rooted in academia. They don’t care about you. They care about their ideology.  They care about control. They care about a perverted view of the world that is found only in the ivory towers of liberal universities. They care about their ideas, and if you and a few others are hurt along the way… such is the cost of righteousness. They are, as a former vice president once called them, effete intellectual snobs. And that Constitution thing? Well… who needs it. It’s a flawed document that should be cast aside.


America is not a perfect country. But we, as citizens, strive to be. We are not dogs the government throws a bone and then tells us to sit down and be quiet. We are human beings. We are white. We are black. We are European. We are African. We are Native Americans. We are Asian. We are Christians. We are Jews. We are Moslems. We are Hindu. We are all Americans and claim our right as individuals to live in dignity and hope. We claim our right to be the best we can be as individuals coming together to forge a strong whole… a strong America.


And we won’t be deterred by those who believe they know better for us. Keep out of our wallets. Keep out of our cell phones. Keep out of our emails. Keep out of our refrigerators. Keep out of our bedrooms. Keep out of our health care. Keep out of our light bulbs. Keep out of our lives. I know what’s best for me… and it’s not you.