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Don Manning

Candidate for State Representative, Ohio, 59th, Republican.


About Don Manning:


I have been fighting for common sense conservative values for most of my life. This started when I was about 10 years old when I met, then Congressman, Lyle Williams.

Since that time I have fought hard for common sense legislation at the local and state levels, while fighting against unnecessary things like over- taxation.


-I support removing Common Core from all public schools. I will sponsor, co-sponsor, or support any and all legislation to get this done.

-I support fixing the current school funding issue, which has already been found to be an unconstitutional way to fund Ohio schools. I will introduce legislation to change the way Ohio schools are funded. I have a plan that includes switching from the unfair property tax, to a simple, flat, consumption-based tax that would give relief to property owners, with no increase in taxes.

-I support any and all legislation that will help Mahoning County be more business friendly, which will increase jobs, in our area. Mahoning County has been left out of much of the economic growth that Ohio is experiencing. I believe this is because we have been under-represented by the minority party, in Columbus. On day one, I will be a member of the majority party and will lobby for our share of this economic growth.

-I am a staunch supporter of the second amendment. I have a concealed carry permit, support open carry laws, and I support strict enforcement of the gun laws that are already on the books, not creating more unnecessary "feel good" legislation.

-I believe that a "rainy day fund" that has millions of dollars in it, is an example of over taxation. If the State of Ohio can operate without using this money, it should be returned to the taxpayers, not left in an account for future politicians to squander.


It is time for the 59th House District to be represented by a real person, who is not a rubber stamp for big government. I will never support legislation, that hurts people and destroys industries, like my opponent did when he voted for Obama-Care, never...!


-Don Manning (2016)